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What's a Wasdio?

Wasdio Game ControllerThe Wasdio (pronounced: woz-dio) is a kick-ass new PC game controller that ends the WASD madness and puts the control in the palm of your hand, literally. You still use the speed and accuracy of the mouse, just no more keyboard.

Instead of pressing W to move forward or A to move left, simply push forward or left on the Wasdio for the same movement. In the WASD scheme, 3 fingers are used almost 100% of the time for the same movement. 

By simplifying the controls, games are no longer about mastering touch-typing under pressure, but your ability as a player to respond to dynamically changing environments. 

With movement literally being controlled by the palm of your hand, your fingers can be saved for quick actions and toggles (reload, jump, melee, etc). 

What you do with your new found fingers is up to you, but there are 16 programmable buttons at hand. Your thumb rests naturally next to 4 thumb buttons and your fingers are wrapped around the 6 buttons on the handle with another 6 buttons on the base for infrequently used commands. All can be programmed using the included Profiler program (read below).

Movement Comes Naturally

The keyboard uses fine motor skills. The Wasdio focuses on using large muscle movements and enables gamers to control games using their gross motor skills, the same way we control cars, tanks and planes -- with our hands and arms. By using a game controller and movements that our bodies were built for, games are easier to control and our gaming skills are more effective. For example, if you've ever walked into an ambush, it's common to retreat, switch weapons, and jump simultaneously to avoid death and fire back at close range. These types of maneuvers are difficult on the keyboard but much easier using the Wasdio. 

Works with a Gaggle of Games

The Wasdio Profiler is software that converts movements from the Wasdio into keyboard keystrokes. With this software, The Wasdio becomes compatible with any game that uses a keyboard; this means games like all your first person shooters, RPGs, and even Minecraft can be controlled using the Wasdio.

By launch date, we hope to have over 100 game profiles included with the Wasdio, enabling you to get in the game and playing in a snap! 

New a new game profile? No worries, profiles can be created in minutes and easily shared with the community via an integrated web site.

 Community Game Profiles

Since we don't own every game (and don't plan to), we've created a system where the community can share profiles. This not only eliminates the need for thousands of people to create the same profile for every game, but offers a way to generate a comprehensive library that includes blockbusters and indie games alike. Past profile management systems had difficulty keeping up with the plethora of new games. By leveraging the community, we plan on avoiding this pitfall; enabling you to hop into your game as quickly as possible. 

The Wasdio is a USB-HID class device enabling you to plug it in and have it work within seconds. There are no special drivers that need to be installed or periodically updated; just plug it in and it works. 

Tech Specs

  • 16 fully programmable buttons
  • 2 axis joystick 
  • Wasdio Profiler software included
  • USB connection
  • USB-HID class device (no special drivers needed)

System Requirements

  • PC with USB port
  • Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista
  • 50 MB disk space for the Wasdio Profiler software
  • Internet connection for updating game profiles
Watch the videos and see our project on Kickstarter >